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2 Parallel Workshops HRM Summit 2017 will feature 2 Parallel Workshops on 22 November 2017

HRM Summit 2017 is proud to announce 2 parallel Post-Conference Workshops and Masterclasses. Choose any 1 of the workshops, led by HR experts

Workshop 1: HR Metrics & Workforce Analytics - Insight and Credibility

HR professionals will learn how to drive organizational change around human capital activities by linking evidence based data to business strategy and performance. They will also learn to apply HR analytics to a broad spectrum of human capital activities and inking them to workforce analytics. From facilitating outcome-based conversations, to interpreting and benchmarking organizational results, this workshop provides HR professionals hands-on experience that will help acquire the confidence needed to build consensus and acceptance around human capital measures that support operational goals.


Workshop 2: Employee Engagement - Build a Great Place to Work

A workplace where employees treat one another with civility and respect is far more likely to function at optimum levels of productivity. Unfortunately, the rise of disrespectful behaviors in business seems to be at epidemic levels, and the result is a steady erosion in morale and productivity. This seminar provides strategies for leaders and managers to recognize and handle offensive, disrespectful and inappropriate behaviors. It also explores how to improve productivity by modeling better behavior and fostering a culture of civility and mutual respect


Workshop 3: Designing Your Retention and Recognition Plans

In times of recovery, global trends show that more and more employees are open to, or actively looking for jobs outside of their companies. Employee retention is now more important than ever. In 2012, SHRM highlighted that organisations with formal recognition and retention programmes experience 51% greater employee retention. Formal employee retention and recognition schemes also play a great role in improving employee engagement, and highly engaged employees are likely to put in 57% more discretionary effort than disengaged employees, leading to higher business performance.


Conference // Workshops // Awards // 21 - 23 November 2017, Bahrain // REGISTER TODAY!